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The Cloud version of NeuQs gives you all the functionality of NeuQs without the need to install it on your hardware.

The pricing is free for your first 3 support users (unlimited end users) and then a small monthly fee. Click here here for a summary.

If you would like to use NeuQs on the cloud then enter your setup details below and a new instance will be created for you in moments.

Please read the instructions for setting up your email to allow NeuQs to interact with your mail system - it works with Gmail and any mail server that supports IMAP/POP3/SMTP and also Microsoft Exchange.

Alternatively you may just want to have a quick look at the Cloud Help Desk Demo version.

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Once clicked a new domain will be setup for you with your credentials. The Domain name you choose will be the NeuQs prefix so if you choose "testing" your site will be created as

use our mail server, you can change this later

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