Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why NeuQs?

    We developed NeuQs Help Desk Software to meet the needs of our own business that supports many customers across the world. We appreciate your feedback to improve the software.

  • Will the Free Cloud version of NeuQs expire?


  • What should I consider when choosing a help desk system?

    Check out a list of considerations Help desk support and management software

  • What's so special about Silverlight?

    We like it because of all the features that you can read about on the Microsoft Website:

    NeuQs is powered by Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Azure Microsoft Help Desk Software

  • We're not techies, so can you help me set it up?

    Why not consider using the Cloud version? Just a few clicks and you can be up and running.

  • We'd like to have NeuQs changed to meet our specific needs. Is this possible?

    Yes, if it's a change or enhancement that improves the product then we'll certainly consider including it in the next release (see 'new releases' below). However, if it is something you want now, or an enhancement that you would like to be unique to you, then contact us and we'll tell you if the change is possible and what charges, if any, may apply.

  • Are there new releases or updates?

    Yes, we will make available new releases for product enhancements and updates to deal with any technical issues as and when they appear (i.e. new releases of Silverlight). These will be available to Cloud users without any additional cost (so if you are on Free for 3 it's still free!) - if you have a downloaded version the updates will be available to you for as long as you have a maintenance plan in place - which is included in the first year.

  • What browsers can I use with NeuQs?

    You can use any browser that supports Microsoft Silverlight. This currently means that you can use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, Safari and Chrome. NeuQs is truely a Web help desk software..

  • NeuQs comes with SQL Server Express. When would I need to upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2?

    SQL Server Express can have a database size of up to 10GB which typically, assuming that half the calls have attachments, will store in excess of 25,000 individual calls, so it could be a while before you need to upgrade.

  • What types of organizations does NeuQs aim at?

    IT support operations that benefit from NeuQs can etiher be 3rd party service providers that support multiple end companies and users or an IT department supporting a single operation.

    NeuQs is IT help desk software for all types of support operations.