• Intuitive User Interface

    For easy use by your team and users for rapid take up. Client compatible with Windows and Mac OS with IE, Firefox and Safari

  • Work to lists to ensure that your workload is prioritised to meet your service level agreements

    Each call can have its own prioritisation to ensure that you have a clear view what needs to be done when. Events can be scheduled with reminders to ensure that no deadline is missed and resources can be managed well.

  • Calls can be registered directly via email or by the web, easily making sure that all calls are registered and tracked

    The greatest enemy of customer help desk service is calls not being registered centrally. The main reason to not register calls is because of the effort. NeuQs makes collecting call data a breeze and adding detail easy, including drag and drop attachments, that makes registering a call as easy as sending an email!

  • Email templates

    Allow for customisation of output emails to suit your customers’ needs.

  • Report Suite

    Reports to give both performance overview and detail.

  • Configurable custom fields allow you to tailor grouping and reporting to meet your exact needs

    Along with all the standard fields you would expect for a help desk system to classify your calls to ensure easy classification and reporting, there are also additional user configurable fields allowing you to refine further.

  • Internal or multi-client

    If you are an organisation looking to provide a help desk solution internally, or to external clients, then NeuQs is for you, and not just for IT support either. If there is a problem that needs registering centrally then tracking to resolution, the NeuQs is the ideal tool. There is no limit on the number of end users that can use the system, and the client side uses standard ‘free’ technologies, Internet Explorer and Silverlight, so no cost is involved.

  • Access levels with role-based security

    The ability to give access by role means that each user type gets to see what they need to see – no more, no less.

  • Allows attachments by drag-and-drop

    The ability to add attachments such as documents and screen shots means that whoever is involved in the call can get first hand insight to the issue and help to resolve it faster, rather than incomplete or incomprehensible narrative

  • Full tracking and tracing

    Each call builds up a history with timestamps so you can audit the performance and involvement on any call.

  • Multi-user and multi-site operations

    As the system is entirely web based the required bandwidth is small and only a web browser needs to be installed on the client.

  • Assignment and ownership management

    Every call has an owner which ensures that no issue ‘falls between the gaps’. The ability to assign a call and change ownership means the calls is dealt with by the most appropriate person or agency.

  • Searchable knowledge base

    NeuQs Help Desk automatically builds a comprehensive knowledge base from all the entries made, ensuring you take full advantage of the knowledge deployed in dealing with issues. This means that other users can search and easily find.


  • Uses Microsoft Silverlight for a rich user experience

    Microsoft Silverlight provides for a user interface that is as functionally rich as a full blown client install, without the overhead of a local install.

  • Web-based

    The web-based client means that there is minimum deployment effort to end-users, meaning that you can be providing a quality support service to your customers rapidly. Updates to the client do not require a reinstall, meaning you don’t spend time maintaining your help desk system rather than looking after your customers or users.

  • Latest .Net framework

    NeuQs is based on .Net which means your install will be simple, the application more stable and you can be assured that it will be compatible with all future releases of Windows, meaning that you won’t need to worry about it being future-proof.

  • Mail system agnostic

    NeuQs Help Desk works with any POP3, IMAP or MS Exchange email system allowing for seamless integration of emails both in and out.

  • Drag-and-drop attachments

    The ability to simply drag-and-drop attachments such as screen shots and reports ensures that you get the full picture and history of a call, making it easier to resolve and enhancing your customer service.

  • Microsoft Sequel Server Based

    NeuQs Help Desk includes Microsoft SQL Server Express so you are using a proven, scalable database from day one. If your needs grow you have an easy path to industrial strength SQL Server.